Be Careful After Making That Putt
Hole edges damaged as players take ball out of the hole
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Under the new Rules of Golf, there is no penalty if a ball played from the putting green hits a flag left in the hole. As a result, leaving the flag in the hole while putting is becoming a popular option. Anecdotal reports suggest that pace of play has improved as a result of this change. However, an unintended consequence has also been observed at lots of courses throughout the UK including here at Rookery Park.
Some of the problems are attributed to golfers inadvertently damaging the edges of the hole with their hand as they attempt to retrieve their ball with the flag in the hole. Obviously, when the flag is in the hole there is less room available for your hand, so extra care is required to be sure you don’t accidentally damage the edge of the hole. Golf course staff have also observed golfers using the base of the flag to remove their ball, or even inserting their putter alongside the flag and causing damage.
Whether the flag is in the hole or not, golfers should carefully remove the ball with their hand. Never use the flag as a tool to remove the ball because doing so can damage both the hole and the flag.

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