Main Course

Recognised Golf Shirts: Collared, polo or turtle neck. It is preferred that ladies and gentlemen have their shirts tucked in.
Vests or football shirts are not permitted.

Trousers/Shorts: Tailored trousers/shorts, corduroys and smart trousers.

Denim jeans, tracksuit bottoms, jogging bottoms or football shorts are not permitted on the main course.

Golf Shoes. Must be worn at all times on the main course.

Headgear. Golf Caps and recognised winter hats may be worn.

Par 3 / Academy Course

No football shirts or football shorts. No vests.

Suitable footwear must be worn, no sandals or shoes with heels.

No beach wear.


Smart casual wear at all times.

Suitable footwear to be worn at all times. Casual shoes may be worn without socks.

Golf shoes permitted in the spike area only.